Top 10 Features of Galaxy Note10 You Must Know!!!

Top 10 Features of Galaxy Note10 You Must Know!!!

Samsung is all set to release Galaxy Note 10 soon around the month of August but the breath-taking rumors and the leaks about the same just keep on coming. The leaks we have been getting since last few months are making the crowds impatient leaving them in anticipation for the Galaxy Note 10. All that is being said about the smartphone yet is just adding on to the list of confirmations that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to be a blast in 2019 leaving each of its peers behind.

The newest game changer of Samsung does not only have an improved gigantic screen but the device also provides accommodation to a large number of mesmerizing features for you to drool over on. From display size to the chipset, S Pen to connectivity, Samsung has changed it immensely making it capable to be called a completely different smartphone which has the least similarities to the models released by the company prior to this one.

Features and Concept of Note10

Galaxy Note 10 has the best out of all, 5G connectivity, 6.66 inches infinity display,  Face recognition,  Quad camera with an additional S Pen camera and a lot more. Not only Samsung is about to propose a pile of upgradations, but the company might also be about to create the Samsung’s history by launching two flagships of Galaxy Note 10 –  A smaller sized device and a regular one named Note 10e and Note 10 or Note 10+ respectively.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is about to be launched soon around the month of August, so if you are deliberating to getting yourself a new phone and looking for an option, we have all the latest upcoming features that the Note 10 is supposed to have for you framed in detail further in the article. Help yourself out and continue reading to know more about Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Top Ten Advance Features of Galaxy Note 10 are below:-

1-A Mammoth Infinity Display.

Samsung released the Galaxy S10 on March 8 which was earlier than expected. S10 has a display of size of 6.1 inches. But after all the speculations, The Galaxy Note 10 is rumored to be having the biggest screen size ever of a smartphone with a size of 6.66 inches. We are estimating that the displays of both the devices, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10, are only going to differ in terms of size and everything else is going to be almost the same.

Display of Note10

The super AMOLED display device will be having an eye comfort infinity display that means that the blue light which is harmful to the eyes would be reduced without actually changing the color of the picture on the screen. This will lead to less strain on the eyes if you use the device in dark. The Galaxy Note 10’s is also going to have an HDR10+ certified infinity display that leaves you with the amazing picture quality for a cinematic experience.

If you are worried about the huge size of the phone to be a thing of an issue, Samsung does have a surprise for you. Read further to know how Samsung is deliberating to release two Note 10 models of two different sizes.

2-Note 10’s S Pen is caging an optical zoom camera.

The Galaxy Note 10’s S Pen is going to be better and advanced than ever. The S Pen is not only going to have better Bluetooth connectivity and sensitivity than Note 9’s Stylus Pen but also going to house a built-in camera. The device is codenamed to be ‘DA VINCI’ which aims towards the idea that The Galaxy Note 10 is going to revolve a lot around its S Pen.

According to patently mobile, a patent has been granted by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for an electric pen with a lens offering the device an optical zoom along with the digital zoom by the rear camera. Optical zoom is difficult to achieve as they require more space than available in slim smartphones.

S pen in Note 10 with Camara

The S Pen is built in such a way that the optical zoom lens is placed at the rear end along with controller and control key on the side of the stick. The circuitry is kept in the middle part inside the controller.

Adding an optical zoom feature further enhances the camera quality and also might make the Korean Company ditch the front camera giving the device a full screen for clicking bigger and better quality pictures.  So if you are a photography freak, there is plenty that Samsung has to offer you in that area.

3-5G Network Connectivity.

And Yes! We are totally drooling over the fact that we can now download, share and stream videos faster than ever. All thanks to Samsung for finally launching the first ever 5G smartphone. Yes! You got that right. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to be 5G enabled making it easier for us for faster functioning.

First Ever 5G Phone

The rumor started with the kernel source code found on the Exynos chipset used by the company for the Galaxy S10 mentioning another codename ‘DAVINCI5G’. Besides this, the rumors about 5G network connectivity have been quite persistent so there are high chances that the device is going to be 5G enabled. Isn’t that persuasive enough??

4-The Quad Camera Setup.

Who needs a  professional camera when smartphones provide you a similar experience nowadays?? Samsung is no longer behind the same.

Along with the inbuilt camera in The Galaxy Note 10’s S Pen that provides the optical zoom feature which helps you get a closer view of the subject before you click the picture, reports claim that the smartphone will be having the same camera as the Galaxy S10 5G variant has.

Note 10 is expected to have a horizontal alignment of the quad camera which comprises of a  12 MP lens with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), a 16 MP ultra-wide lens, a 12 MP Telephoto lens and a 3D hQVGA depth-sensing camera. The ultra-wide camera gives a 123-degree panoramic field view and the dual aperture (F2.4 and F1.5) and the multi-frame composition gives your device’s camera day to night control, adjusting the light of your pictures. So you get sharp clear high-quality pictures during day and night both. Samsung is truly revolutionizing photography for regular users who are keen on the same but are not wanting to buy a new camera. So if you are a photography freak, Galaxy Note 10 is one hell of an option.

5-Button-Less Note 10.

Samsung has some really great ambitions considering Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and so is wanting to go buttonless for the whole device, yes! You heard it right again. No buttons at all including Bixby as well. The company is desiring that the functions performed by the buttons are replaced by the alternatives using the touch options or the S Pen controls. But when it comes to the power button, that seems a bit out of the way and could be questionable by the public.

Samsung Note10 with 100% screen

But we can not be sure of how the device will turn out without the buttons until it is released but it sure does sound cool making it not easy to be totally thrown off.

6-On-screen Fingerprint sensor And Removal Of Audio Jack

And the company decided to move the fingerprint sensor from the back to the front. This feature is opted by many big brands like One Plus and so Samsung is also taking a step forward to bring the on-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that scans the biometric ridges of your finger for phone’s access besides regular passcode authentication giving the device a cleaner and comfortable look.  You can just use the passcode authentication or both.

Again following the footsteps of the known brands like Apple and One plus, Samsung is not only shifting the fingerprint sensor to the front but is also thinking about removing the audio jack. Because of all the changes in the design, we have read about makes us believe that the Galaxy Note 10 is going to have the cleanest and simple but classy look without any audio jack and buttons.

7-Samsung Knox Security.

Samsung devices are protected by a platform called Knox platform which is built when the devices are being manufactured. The Galaxy Note 10 is also, as usual, would be having the same platform that will protect your device by only letting you in from the malware and malicious hacking threats from the moment you turn on your device. So your data is safe in your own hands with a Samsung device. Feel free with your data safety.

8-Colossal Memory Space.

Samsung galaxy S10+ has an internal memory space of a laptop that is 1 Terabyte with 512 GB expandable memory, we are pretty sure Samsung will not bring the memory capacity down for the most talked about smartphone device of the year. If Samsung uses the same memory space then the Galaxy Note 10 would be having the maximum space of 1.5 TB which is pretty large. No doubt the device is going to be a beast swooping away all the competition in 2019.

9-Theatrical Sound Experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going have stereo speakers combined with Dolby Atmos that will provide you the three-dimensional audio experience with more enhanced sound clarity along with louder volume. Dolby Atmos is a sound surround technology that surrounds sounds in all directions around you giving a feel of a movie theatre. Galaxy S10 adopted it and so would the Galaxy Note 10. Yes! Drop the other options right now if you want a theatre experience with best picture quality and amazing audio.

10-Incredible Battery Capacity.

Google Pixel 3 Battery life

The Note 9’s battery capacity is of 4000 mAh but the company might be wanting to add some more power to the device by increasing the battery capacity to 4100 mAh along with the regular adaptive power saving mode. The newest upgradations do require a power packed device to work smoothly without draining too soon.
Besides this, the S Pen also uses a supercapacitor that is the S Pen that requires charging gets charged when inserted in the device. That also takes up some battery of the device but since the S Pen is going to have a camera installed it might consume more battery than in the previous stylus pens.

Also, the device comes with a Wireless Charger Duo Pad that charges your device wirelessly fast and also does not heat up the smartphone due to the turbo cooling fan installed in the charging pad.

Two flagships for Note series

As discussed above, the size of the Galaxy Note 10 might be a hint of an issue for the users considering the handiness of the smartphone. To cope with the same, Samsung is deliberating to launch two flagships of the Note series same as the S series for the very first time in Samsung history. One of two Note flagships would be a compacted variant whereas the other one would be a regular variant with the display size of 6.66 inches. The display size of the smaller variant to be called Note 10e  is still not known yet. And also we have to wait for the name of the regular version if it is going to be called Note 10 or Note 10+.

note 10 and 10+

The rumors about the two flagships of Note 10 series has just started and not yet strong enough as the company has opted to not comment anything on it but we still hope that the rumor is true as it would not only sooth the customers with more options but also bring in sales which could be held back due to the massive size of the device.

Now that you have read the whole article, you would agree with everyone who says that Samsung is going all in with the Galaxy Note 10 this year and being ambitious enough to create a huge impact on the industry by introducing the best features and upgrades. Samsung has never brought this amount of changes in a single year, in a single device ever before but we are absolutely sure that Samsung will deliver because Samsung has delivered in the past. So you should keep the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 at the top of your priority list for your new purchase.

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