Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date 2019

Galaxy Note 10 Release date:

Samsung will officially launch Galaxy Note 10 on August 7, 2019. Samsung has sent invites to media partners for the New York event (Aug 8, 1 AM India Standard time). The phone is expected to be available for sale in South Korea from August 23.

Galaxy UNPACKED 2019

Note 10 release date
Samsung Unpacked 2019, Event to happen in New York on August 7.

Latest Updates:

Last year, the reports had it that Samsung is deciding to merge its S and note series into a single series as they do not differ a lot from each other. Both the series are almost the same and mainly differ on only the fact that the Note10 series comes with a stylus pen whereas the S series lacks a stylus pen. So to cut the production cost, the company was deliberating to unify both the series but now it has been confirmed that unification is not going to take place and both the series standstill as the two leading Samsung series.

As the new year moves forward, the time when Samsung launches its new models is close by. And this time, we know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is waiting at the door to get in the hands of the world showing all the qualities for which Samsung is Samsung. The Galaxy Note 10 is the one which is going to have the best of the best features and with loads of updates and upgradations which makes it one of the most awaited smartphone devices of 2019. Samsung has focused on every detail but peculiarly on its design and look.

galaxy s10

The S10 has launched

Samsung has already launched its Galaxy S10 flagship with S10e, S10 and S10+ model this year. All three models offer great specs as expected. Samsung has also implemented in-display camera at the front, new fingerprint sensors and camera as well. Now, its time for Galaxy Note 10.  Samsung has latter launched S10 5G on July 26. And now, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release date is confirmed. With this Samsung is getting frequent with releasing Flagship phones in this competitive market where OnePlus is killing everything with its affordable smartphones every 3 months.

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samsung note 10 release date

What all features is the Galaxy Note 10 going to have?

First of all, Samsung will launch Note 10 flagship in 3 varients, Note10 Lite, Note 10 and Note 10+. Apart from Note10 Lite, it will have 5G networks. We can also expect the quad-camera setup and support for 45W charging. Let’s check more rumors below.

Okay! So totally believing the rumors being spread out in the tech industry, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to have the biggest display screen ever of a smartphone device with a size of 6.66 inches and that too AMOLED which is larger than Apple iPhone XS Max and Google Pixel 3 XL. That is the biggest reason for which the device is creating the most buzz around. Besides that, the best part is the removal of the Bixby button along with the slimmer bezels.

We so so hope that the rumors about the gadget having a 12MP pop-up selfie camera are true because that will be the coolest thing Samsung could do in 2019. It could be having a 12 + 16 + 13MP triple back camera with an LED flash and dual-pixel sensors at the top center of the back. The camera will be having an auto HDR feature and high definition picture resolution. The design would be made of metal making it dust resilient. Samsung flagship is always been Water-resistant with IP68 ratings. With Note10 we all expecting more from them.  The Stylus Pen is again coming back as usual but this time, with many more features and upgradations like increased Bluetooth connectivity and increased sensitivity helping the digital artists of the world.

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The battery usage is going to be amazing with the battery capacity of 4000mAh. The company might be using the same chipset as used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that is the Snapdragon 855 chipset. The device is going to have an 8GB RAM with the maximum internal storage of 512GB.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date

When is the Galaxy Note 10 going to be launched?

Now that we know all about the big gadget making a big appearance this year, the most asked question is when is the device being launched so that the gadget freaks can buy it. The Next Note phablet is coming soon. Here’s official video from Samsung’s Newsroom Channel.

Samsung Unpacked 2019: The Next Galaxy

GALAXY NOTE 10 Release Date 2019

Following the Samsung past years trend, it is easy to predict the release date of the Samsung Note 10 smartphone. But still, we got some twists this year. Let’s find out:

Smartphone Model Release date
Galaxy S10 March 2019
Galaxy S10 5G July 2019
Galaxy Note 10 Release date August 7, 2019

The Note 10 Unpacked event is to happen in New York City on August 7. The phone is expected to go on preorder from the next day. Reportedly it will be available in the market from August 23.

Talking about the price of the gadget, with the coming of the new models of any gadget, the price increases and so would be the case in Galaxy Note 10. Galaxy Note 9 was priced at $1000 and so Note 10 would definitely be costing more. But it will not be increased a lot.

We hope that the above information answers and helps you out with all the questions you had about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10. It is pretty evident from the above expectations that the Note 10 is surely going to create a hurricane in the smartphone world and we have the whole faith in Samsung that it has the power to achieve what is being asked from it by the users.

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