Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Concept And Images

Samsung Galaxy Note 10  Concept And Images

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Concept And Images: Okay! So we all already know that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launched in August 2018 but the big news is that Samsung is very soon coming out with the latest smartphone device as declared by the CEO of the company on his own.

There were a lot of talks about the unification of the S and Note series but now has been confirmed that it is not happening. Samsung has already launched their S10 flagship and now Note 10 concepts & rumors are already started popping up. Here we have some of the most promising Galaxy Note 10 concepts.

The Galaxy Note 10 which will be launching most probably again in the month of August 2019. This time Samsung is coming out with a blast by releasing a device with a combination of all the latest features and updates along with a cool and sleek design. The Korean company has focused on almost every part of the smartphone, but a lot on its look this year to stand against the known brands like Apple, Google and OnePlus with their latest features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Concepts & Design

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This is the most promising concept we have got. Its rendered by As per the illustrator, the Note 10 design will features quad-camera setup at the back with the same dual-camera at the front end. At the bottom of the phone we can clearly see, it has type-C, 3.5mm and S-pen slot with Dolby music speaker in the same position as Note9.

It has very precisely and sensibly designed the look of the device, making sure everything works well together. To show you what we are talking about we are bringing to you all the concept design and images expected from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

note 10 concepts, galaxy note 10 concepts

Galaxy Note 10 Rumours 2019

The Galaxy Note 10 is going to have the largest known display for a smartphone device ever of about 6.66 inches with the aspect ratio of 19.5:9 bigger than that of S9 PLUS including a gorilla glass. The screen is going to be AMOLED including an in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner placed just a few millimeters above the bottom screen line. You can check the full list of Note10 Specifications here.

What about the Bixby button? Yes! The Bixby button is most probably getting removed, which as we all are familiar with was not liked much in the previous models. The company might even have made possible to make enough room to create a cavity for a 12MP pop-up selfie camera with auto HDR feature and wide angle of f/1.6. Besides the selfie camera, it might also be having a 12 + 16 + 13MP triple camera placed perfectly at the upper center, vertically at the back of the device. The camera has a dual pixel sensor. In addition to the triple back camera, a single LED flash will be added.

The whole smartphone would be having a metal design as always making it sleek. Samsung upgraded to make it not only dust resistant but water resistant as well. It is also trying out some color gradients and hence the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to be the first color gradient phone from the company.

And the Stylus pen returns with a bang with the increased sensitivity, better battery time and many more upgraded features. Bluetooth connectivity of the S-Pen is totally getting an upgrade as well. Return of the S-Pen is making big promises to the artists who are interested in digital art. The device is codenamed this time by the company itself as ‘DA VINCI’.

Following the footsteps of Apple and OnePlus, Samsung is about to abstain the Galaxy Note 10 of the audio jack. As we have already spoken about Samsung focusing on the design, there is a need to tell you that it did not leave the bezels behind and they are now going to be slimmest than ever. Isn’t it cool?

Coming to the internal specs, the company is using a 4000mAh battery with fast charging, Snapdragon 855 chipset, 8GB RAM with the maximum storage of 512GB, two sim slots, and Android 9.0 (pie) operating system.

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Samsung S10 is also being deliberated about to be launched this year, again with a number of new updates and features proving that Samsung is on a roll to achieve the greatest heights in the market. We are sure that company has the best of the abilities to very smoothly and conveniently deliver all the features mentioned above and if that happens, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might be the biggest and best selling device of 2019 which would be another win for Samsung.

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