Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with 5G connectivity ??

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with 5G connectivity ??

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and 9 released in past years and created an impact of their own, it is done. Now it is the time for the Galaxy Note 10 to do the same in its time. It is now the time for Galaxy Note 10 to come with 5G connectivity and swoop each of its competition and rule the year.

Galaxy Note 10 with 5G

The rumors about the release of new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are already revolving around in the market for quite some time now. The assumptions about Galaxy Note 10 being the best yet as the company is bringing in a lot of changes this year to the device are somewhat turning into a reality which is based upon all the leaks and confirmations done by the company itself or a reliable source.

The Galaxy S10 got released on March 8, 2019, and has stood strong on all the promises and it was bound to make and we are pretty sure for the same to happen with Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

This year, Samsung has created a huge whirl with its Note 10 by making huge announcements and giving us some unexpected leaks. For the same reason, we are expecting a lot from the company this year. A lot of news leaks have been done regarding the features and design of the smartphone for over a period of time since the rumors about the release of the Galaxy Note 10 started roaming around. 

front camara in s pen

First came the rumours about the mammoth display of size 6.66 inches  and increased 89% screen to body ratio which the Galaxy Note 10 is supposed to have, then came the leaked news that Note 10’s S Pen will be having a camera with optical zoom at its rear end and now that the smartphone is about to be having a 5G connectivity.

So what is next?

We have already told you about the news that the device’s S Pen might be having a camera in our previous articles. The camera is very cleverly placed at its rear end with various camera functions performed by the regular side button. The designing of the S Pen is again, very cleverly done that all the circuit part perfectly fits in such a slim stick. Samsung has stepped up this time and probably it is the very first time that Samsung is bringing about these many changes in a single model.

What about the 5G connectivity??

5G network Connectivity

It is being speculated that the Galaxy Note 10 is going to have 5G connectivity which makes Samsung the first ever company to enter the 5G generation. Samsung has been pretty ambitious with Galaxy Note 10 by bringing up loads of changes this year.

It is old news that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is already codenamed as ‘DA VINCI’. Codenames for Samsung devices have been quite accurate for years which does tell what the new device might be focusing on. Now the kernel source code of Galaxy S10 hints towards another codename ‘DA VINCI 5G’  for Galaxy Note 10 according to XDA Developers which makes it almost sure that the latest Samsung device is going to be 5G enabled that will provide the device with much faster speed.

The company might be using Snapdragon 855 chipset or the latest Samsung Exynos 9280  SoC chipset which supports the 5G connection. The usage of the chipset depends on the countries the devices are going to be used.

Usually, the Galaxy Note S series is released after the Galaxy Note series is released. This year, Samsung changed the pattern released Samsung Galaxy S10 before Galaxy Note 10. For the same reasons, everyone assumed Galaxy S10 to be holding 5G connectivity but this assumption was a fail and Galaxy S10 still holds 4G connections. But Samsung is keeping the promise of bringing out the fifth generation network for the very first time ever this year with the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Besides that, the Galaxy S10 is also going to be having a 5G version which might be releasing later this year apart from the other S series models like S10+ and S10e.

What all does the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have?

Galaxy Note10 5G Network


The 6 GB device is either going to use Samsung’s own Exynos 9280 chipset or Snapdragon 855 chipset. It might use both depending upon the territories that are in which country the device lands.


Not only the Galaxy Note 10 is having the regular 12 + 16 + 13 MP  triple rear camera along with 8 MP front camera but it also has another camera with optical zoom in its S Pen placed at one end which works with the side button on the stick itself.


The fingerprint sensor in Note 9 was placed at the back side of the device just below the back camera but this time Samsung is following the big brands and bringing the 0n-screen fingerprint sensor making its design less cumbersome and sleek.


Galaxy Note 10 is no doubt going to be a giant among all mobile phones with a display size of 6.66 inches racing in the same league as Apple and One Plus phones. The new Samsung devices are going to be the biggest devices Samsung ever created. No doubt Samsung is touching the sky with all the risk-taking.

Galaxy Note10 Concepts

What can be the stepping stone for the company?

The only thing that can throw the buyer off is its pricing. Galaxy Note 9 was priced at $1000 when it got released and the company is bringing huge changes for which it can increase the price tremendously.

It might be costing around $1200 to $1400 or even more. We hope that this does not bring the company a setback as the features are quite promising as well.

Now that you know all about the latest leaks and announcements of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, you must be agreeing with us that the company is aiming at another level to be at the top of the game by adding the best and new possible features for the benefit of the customer.

We hope that Samsung delivers and delivers well.

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